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DuckDuckGo AI Chat does not record or store any of your chats, and your conversations are not used to train chat models by DuckDuckGo or the underlying model providers (for example, Open AI and Anthropic).

All metadata that contains personal information (for example, your IP address) is completely removed before prompting the model provider. This means chats to Anthropic, OpenAI, and (which hosts Meta Llama 3 and Mixtral on their servers) appear as though they are coming from DuckDuckGo rather than individual users. This also means if you submit personal information in your chats, no one, including DuckDuckGo and the model providers, can tell whether it was you personally submitting the prompts or someone else.

In addition, we have agreements in place with all model providers that further limit how they can use data from these anonymous chats, including the requirement that they delete all information received once it is no longer necessary to provide responses (at most within 30 days with limited exceptions for safety and legal compliance).

You can read DuckDuckGo AI Chat Privacy Policy and Terms of Use here.

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