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Note: To add the DuckDuckGo search widget to your home screen in Android, you will need to have the DuckDuckGo browser installed. For instructions on how to install the DuckDuckGo browser, please see this page.

On your Android device, long-press the DuckDuckGo icon, then tap the Widgets icon.

DuckDuckGo Android Widget options

Long-press your preferred DuckDuckGo widget, then drag it to place it on your home screen.

DuckDuckGo Android Widget

To remove the Google search widget, long-press on the widget and tap Remove.

It’s currently not possible to remove the Google search widget on Pixel phones. However, if you live in the European Economic Area and have the most recent Android operating system version, you should be able to change the default search engine in the widget by long pressing the Google logo in the search widget.

Note: The process to remove the Google search widget from an Android device differs depending on the device manufacturer. For Google search widget removals on a variety of popular Android phones and tablets, see this guide from Nextpit.

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