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DuckDuckGo AI Chat is free to use, but there is a daily limit on usage.

Can I pay to increase the usage limit?

Not at this time, but we are considering this possibility for the future.

Why do I hit a usage limit immediately after starting a conversation?

Due to the way we anonymously enforce usage limits, you may see this error message when using a VPN or cellular network. Try switching VPN locations or switching from a cellular network to WiFi, and see if that resolves the issue. If the issue persists, please use the Share Feedback button at the bottom of the chat page to report it.

Is the method to impose these limits private?

Yes. Per our strict privacy policy, “We don’t save your IP address or any unique identifiers alongside your searches or visits to our websites. We also never log IP addresses or any unique identifiers to disk.” The same applies to AI Chat and to impose usage limits, we use a similar method as we do in search to prevent abuse. While we cannot divulge the exact method in order to protect our system from bad actors and misuse, it is engineered in such a way that makes it completely anonymous. For more info on how we manage that technically in other contexts, please see this help page.

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