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As required by the EU Platform to Business Regulation, this page contains information about how DuckDuckGo Search ranks results and whether we apply differentiated treatment to our own products and services compared to those offered by other online services.

We do not apply any differentiated treatment in our search result rankings to services offered by DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo Search result pages consists of three sections: (1) Instant Answers; (2) organic links with images and other modules intertwined; and (3) sponsored links.

Instant Answers

Most DuckDuckGo Search result pages feature one or more Instant Answers on top. To deliver Instant Answers on specific topics, DuckDuckGo leverages many sources, like Sportradar and Wikipedia. We also use our own indexes for some Instant Answers.

Most organic links and images in our search results are sourced from Bing. Information about how Bing ranks its content can be found on its Support Page in the section titled “How Bing Ranks Search Results”. When DuckDuckGo applies its own ranking signals to organic links, we do so in a neutral manner, for example, we do not take into account any particular political bias or leanings of websites in our search result rankings. Please see our News Rankings Help Page for further information.

Like all search engines, we try to rank egregious spam lower in our search results, and in the rare situation that DuckDuckGo alters the ranking order of organic links or delists a particular organic link, you may request further information by contacting Subject to applicable law, you may have the right to inspect the contents of any relevant third-party notification or request to alter the ranking order or delist an organic link.


We also display ads adjacent to search results, as explained in our Help Page on How DuckDuckGo Makes Money. Outside of these clearly labelled ads, DuckDuckGo does not accept compensation to influence search result rankings. We also provide information about advertising on DuckDuckGo through our Help Page on Advertise on DuckDuckGo Search.

Date of Publication: August 18, 2023

Date of Last Update: April 16, 2024

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