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Instant Answers

DuckDuckGo uses over 100 sources to provide answers to your searches, without the need to click on a result. Just look for the Instant Answer above the results:

Of course, things like calculations and factual information are covered, but you may be surprised by number of Instant Answers DuckDuckGo actually has — from checking the status of a flight to generating a strong password — we've got an Instant Answer for it.

!Bang Syntax

You can search other sites directly from DuckDuckGo, just by using our available !bangs.

For example, if you wanted to search on for, "shoes" you could simply type: !amazon shoes

...which would automatically take you to and search for shoes...

Many of the !bangs even have short versions. Use 'a' for Amazon or 'w' for Wikipedia. For example: !a shoes or !w shoes

There are thousands of sites covered and you can even submit your own!

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