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How do I subscribe to Privacy Pro?

You can subscribe to Privacy Pro directly from the DuckDuckGo browser (available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows). Open the Settings menu and select “Privacy Pro”.

Why can’t I see the Privacy Pro subscription in my browser?

If you can’t find Privacy Pro in the Settings menu of the DuckDuckGo browser, it could be because:

Can I use my subscription on multiple devices?

You can access your subscription on any device that has the DuckDuckGo browser installed. Here’s how:





Please note:

What is a one-time passphrase and how do I use it?

Instead of using a traditional password, DuckDuckGo Privacy Pro uses one-time passphrases (OTPs) as an option for activating your subscription. If you have added an email address to your subscription, you can use it to activate Privacy Pro on a new device or restore your purchase. We’ll send you an email with a one-time passphrase that you’ll need to enter in the same browser you’re trying to activate from.

If you’re having issues activating your device, please make sure that you’re pasting the code within the time limit stated in the email, and that you’re requesting and entering the one-time passphrase in the same browser.

Can I share my subscription with friends or family?

We currently don’t offer a Privacy Pro family plan or support sharing a subscription with friends or family.

Can I subscribe to just one of the three services offered in Privacy Pro?

Currently, Privacy Pro is a bundled subscription and there is no way to subscribe to its features individually.

I have a question not covered here, how can I get help?

Please contact support at If you have ideas on how to improve Privacy Pro, please share it using the Share Feedback button in the DuckDuckGo browser.

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